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Elevating Customer Stories


we produce testimonial videos

We partnered with Kaboonki Creative to produce testimonials for TrackMaven during its annual Spark conference.

“As a creative partner, The Kotecki Group helps our brand stand out with content that is worth the investment.”

Kara Burney, Senior Director of Marketing, TrackMaven

. . .

We helped production company Three Post get the best possible video soundbites for lighting company Cree.

“James was able to dig in and give us the quotes we needed. In fact, he got us better content than we could have gotten ourselves."

Andrea Taber, Three Post

we produce case studies

We interview executives from your best customers and build case studies around their best quotes.

we produce fireside chats

For CES and Business Insider, we produced a video talk show with leaders from Facebook, Waze, Spotify, and more.

“This was a flawlessly executed project, and we couldn’t have done it without The Kotecki Group.”

Anthony Iaffaldano,  Business Insider

James Kotecki hosted fireside chats on the data-driven future of television with experts at the INFronts forum.

“James comes prepared for every interview, uncovering insights with a professionalism that puts guests at ease.”

 Andre Swanston, TruOptik CEO and INFronts Lounge sponsor

we produce thought leadership

Our executive conversations yield both written Q&A features and articles in the subject's own voice.

“The Kotecki Group brings a fresh perspective to technical content, ensuring that key ideas don’t get lost in jargon.”

Vivian Berni, Senior Advisor, Optimisation, DHL

"By weaving our message into client success stories, The Kotecki Group gives our sales team valuable ammunition."

Angela Goldman, Director of Marketing, Phone2Action



James Kotecki, Principal

James is the former Head of Communications at Automated Insights, a software company that turns raw data into polished stories. 

He helped build the company’s brand, attract leads, and accelerate the sales process through compelling case studies, media outreach, and messaging development.

Previously, James was a producer at the digital marketing agency Three Ships Media. He specialized in content based on client conversations, from magazine articles to multimedia webinars.

James started honing his interviewing skills as a college student by hosting presidential candidates on his dorm-room video blog.

After college, James wrote, hosted, and produced an award-winning video series for Politico during the 2008 election. In 2012, he hosted a political video series for The Daily. In 2016, he interviewed state political leaders on The North Carolinian podcast.


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