Turn Colleagues Into Content Creators

Some of the most compelling, unique, and relevant content ideas are inside the minds of the experts in your organization.

Unfortunately, they're also stuck there.

Your teammates don't have hours to draft a blog post for you - they're too busy doing their jobs. Even colleagues who intend to help are easily pulled away by other priorities.

An interview-driven approach gives marketers the benefits of content without the burden of creation. After one focused conversation, a producer can channel an executive's insights as well as their voice.

The benefits of this method include:

  • Efficiency: A 30-minute interview beats a 4-hour writing session.
  • Quality Interviewers help experts articulate their ideas.
  • Existence: The project actually gets done. 

Interviews are a flexible content fuel. Final deliverables can take many forms, including:

question and answer

INTERVIEWER: What is the Q&A format?

JOHN Q. SUBJECT: It usually looks something like this.

So it follows the format of the underlying transcript, showcasing the voice of both the interviewer and the subject?

Yes, but don’t let the format fool you. You can’t just copy and paste the transcript into a blog post. It takes work to get a raw conversation into sharable shape.

third-person report

In this style, the subject’s key quotes are surrounded with third-person contextualization.

“This is the format you’re most likely to see when you read the news,” says John Q. Subject. “It offers readers the best of a subject’s insights without presenting an entire conversation.”

The Subject also added that sometimes, paraphrased quotes can create a smoother reading experience.

“And if you can end on a killer quote? It’s simply magical.”

first-person perspective

By John Q. Subject

Before I understood how interviews can fuel content, I was just another executive with no time to craft and share my ideas.

Now, a professional interviewer helps me shape my insights through focused conversation. A few days later, I review a draft that structures my own words into powerful prose.

Working with a producer to turn my thoughts into content lets me build my brand while staying focused on my business.

beyond words

Interviews can also be packaged as podcasts or videos, giving each conversation more than one way to find an audience.

No matter the delivery system you choose, get your teammates to start talking. Their ideas can't make an impact until they're out of their heads.