Pre-production, the shoot itself, and post-production were all easier because of James.

In fact, this was one of our best projects.

- Andrea Taber, Partner, Three Posts

. . .


By conducting on-location interviews, The Kotecki Group’s James Kotecki shaped every sentence in a narrative testimonial video for the lighting company Cree.

Our client was Three Post, the studio producing the video for Cree. With James interviewing each subject behind the camera, Three Post knew they were getting the best soundbite options to choose from in the editing room.


"Because James came prepared, he was able to dig in and give us the quotes we needed. In fact, he got us better content than we could have gotten ourselves.

"James helped subjects reframe complex answers into concise sound bites. Many times, they would say 'Oh, that’s exactly what I meant.'

"Interview transcripts are usually 15 to 20 pages each, but it was easy to see where James had drilled down to the best answers. He helped our editing go much faster."

- Andrea Taber, Partner, Three Post

purpose of the project

Cree hired Three Post to help tell the story of a major lighting installation for McLaren Health Care, a network of hospitals across Michigan.

The goal was to create content that didn’t feel like marketing. To achieve this, the project highlighted perspectives from both executives and frontline employees.

A nurse, a doctor, and a security guard helped illuminate the benefits of better light.

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production process


The Kotecki Group worked with Three Post and Cree to understand the goals of the project, the background of the interview subjects, and the important questions to ask.

Day of the Shoot

James talked with subjects before each interview to build rapport and put them at ease. He encouraged them to think of the process as a natural, if well lit, conversation.

Cameras Rolling

James balanced prepared questions with focused follow-ups, engaging each subject in the moment while staying focused on the big ideas. He also suggested more impactful ways to phrase responses, giving the Three Post team more editing options.

. . .

In the end, The Kotecki Group helped secure compelling sound bites to tell an authentic story of success for McLaren and Cree.